Double chin therapy, For bags under the eyes, Facial mesotherapy for ageing skin.


The double chin problem (the accumulation of fat under the chin) is an aesthetic one quite regularly referred to by our obese patients.
The problem is very simple, and with a little effort on our part, we can treat the patient with an extremely simple technique, within the context of the overall treatment that we have proposed:


We properly disinfect the area with alcohol, and ask the patient to completely flex the head, trying to get his or her chin to touch his or her sternum. The area that we are going to puncture is perfectly marked out in this posture.


As we are dealing with a lipolytic action treatment, I use METABOLITES, generally in quite a small quantity, given that the area to be treated is quite small.


I use an insulin syringe (it is very easy to handle) and a 30 G ½ needle, and then make small very superficial papules over the area to be treated. I disinfect and check that there are no hematomas.

It is normally a complementary treatment to other localised or anti-cellulitic treatments. Therefore, I make use of the same session to carry out the mesotherapy in both areas. Consequently, the treatment will be applied once a week.





This is also a frequent problem, which in the majority of cases we can minimise, thus delaying or even avoiding surgical intervention. In the last analysis, we are dealing with small accumulations of fat, and as far as fat is concerned, we are in possession of a therapeutic arsenal that we can use with a minimum, or zero, risk content.


First, we disinfect the area to be treated with alcohol. Then, with a doubled-over piece of gauze, we apply a slight downward, not inward, pressure to the closed eye, thus managing to protrude the bags we wish to inject.


I am most interested in the lipolytic action, which is why I use METABOLITES. Nevertheless, occasionally there is a slight oedema and some inflammation, generally toxic in nature, in which Arnica works very well. Consequently, in these cases I mix a small quantity of CONDRODISTROFIN in the syringe.


I fill a syringe with a small amount of METABOLITES, or if I also use CONDRODISTROFIN, first I make up a mixture in a syringe of 5cc, and then I fill a 30 G ½ needle insulin syringe with same. I then make micropapules in the skin that covers the bag, practically only introducing the tip or hole of the needle, with the latter facing upwards.

This normally coincides with sessions of mesotherapy dealing with other problems, therefore, the frequency of the treatment falls in with these. It is normally applied as a complementary treatment to others.
Be very careful with hematomas. This is an extremely sensitive as well as vacularised area. If any hematomas do appear, apply pressure to them for a couple of minutes.





Ageing skin manifests itself by the appearance of facial lines, which include wrinkles, skin folds, skin atrophy and changes to the pigmentation (dyschomias). These symptoms are produced by the sum of the damage accumulated by age (intrinsic ageing), in addition to the damage inflicted by solar rays on the skin (photoageing). The problems we can face in ageing skin as a result of solar radiation include mutations in the epidermal cells, the production of irregular pigmentation, wrinkles and facial lines, neovascularisation and skin atrophy. The damage to the dermis destroys the connective tissue which acts as a support to the skin. The intrinsic damage includes muscular action in facial expression, the loss of support tissue, and the effect of gravity.

Consequently, in order to achieve a certain degree of skin rejuvenation we need to provide a treatment which effectively modifies the aforementioned factors, and therefore, one which acts on the different layers of skin. These include the epidermis, the dermis, the fatty layer and the muscular layers.


We use a biological solution called FACE ANTIAGING SIMILDIET based on seven groups of active ingredients, the qualitative composition of which is as follows:


Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Vitamin K
Vitamin B-2
Vitamin B-5
Vitamin B-7
Vitamin B-9
Vitamin B-12

Phosphate tocopherol
Vitamin D-2
Vitamin B-1
Vitamin B-3
Vitamin b-6
Aminobenzoic acid







Aminobutyric acid

Aspartic acid

Glutamic acid


Coenzyme A
TPP cocarboxylase





We gather in the same product all the bio-youthening properties of the biological active components ( vitamins, minerals, etc. ), added to the maximum hydrating effect of Hyaluronic acid and the tensor anti-flaccidity effect of the DMAE.

The result of this is the accomplishment of an authentic MEDICAL COSMETIC LIFTING, non traumatic, non aggressive, elegant and with complete tolerance and satisfaction of our patients.

It comes in a rubber capped vial (similar to that use for penicillin), which enables us to avail of the amount of the quantity of the product we need, extracting same with a syringe, without contaminating the rest, which can be preserved for use for a later therapeutic session.

I use a 30 G needle insulin syringe. I seldom use over 2cc of the product in question every session. A step-by-step description of the technique is given below:

First, the skin must be properly cleaned with a good make-up remover, and then proceed to thoroughly disinfect the area to be treated with 96º grade alcohol.

Stretching the skin as much as we can, we make some micropapules with a small amount of the product, only introducing the tip of the needle, with this being placed in an upward position. In the first place, following the groove between each wrinkle, with a distance of some 5mm. between each papule. Then, we do the same over the area immediately surrounding the treatment area.

We employ the same technique as that used for interciliary and nasogenian wrinkles, and by extension, for any surface of an area that might need such treatment.

We may observe only a slight erythema on the skin after carrying-out a simple disinfecting of the area that has been mesotherapeutically treated.

We complete the session by applying a soothing and moisturising Azulene based mask for 15 minutes.


As we can see, given the complexity of the treatment, it covers all of the possible deficiencies that ageing skin can provoke. It has an intense anti-oxidant and free anti-radical action, it favours protean genesis, intensifies the ionic and microcirculatory factors in charge of maximum moisturising, it stimulates the collagen synthesis, and in fine, favours all of the mechanisms that enable the recovery of a devitalised, flagging and deficient skin.

The treatment is very simple, and does not present any problems. It is not very painful, thus generally there is no need for an anaesthetic, although there is no problem in patients more sensitive to pain by applying a little anaesthesia previously topical or cold on the skin, and it is quick and perfectly tolerated in all cases.

In cases of more sensitive skin, and in those in which the slight erythemathous reaction immediately after the Mesotherapeutic session may prove to be more intense, we warn the patient. We solve such situations by exposing the patient to the soothing Azulene mask a little longer.

Normally, I carry out a weekly session for no more than four weeks, followed by two or three fortnightly sessions, and then a monthly "maintenance" session. If I am combining it with other treatments, I alternate them, practising each one every second week.


1. Doubts frequently arise with regard to the dosage that must be given, however, we must always respect the decisions of the prescriber and insist on the fact that there are no standard guidelines. The guidelines that we have suggested may serve as guidance at the beginning when we are trying to familiarise ourselves with this technique, but we a little experience we will adapt the dosages to the needs of our patients. Notwithstanding, I like to adhere to certain fixed criteria: I never use over 2 ampoules of the product per Mesotherapeutic session. If the surface area to be treated is large, I simply put a greater distance between one papule and another, given that it has been shown that an increased dosage of a product does not improve the results. In addition, I do not carry out more than one Mesotherapeutic session on cellulitis or obesity a week, given that, once again, no improvement has been noted on increasing the number of weekly sessions.

2. All injectable homeopathic products are can also be taken orally. However, no homeopathic product presented in sterile drinkable ampoules is injectable. This argument I deem to be of supreme importance, given that, due to the amount of Laboratories that has sprouted up over in recent years, unfortunately we find ourselves confronted with many of rather dubious professional ethics. I will always insist on distrusting any homeopathic ampoule presentations that do not guarantee their administration by injection. The fact of presenting them as sterile or nonpyrogenic ampoules does not guarantee their quality as injectable products, and can cause us many problems.

3. All injectable homeopathic products can be used Mesotherapeutically. Not all injectable allopathic products, however, meet the requirements to enable their use as part of a Mesotherapeutic treatment (pH, Isotonicity, Miscibility, Tissue compatibility, etc.)

4. All injectable homeopathic products can be combined with each other, should the prescriber wish to boost their effects by mixing them in the same syringe. However, they must NOT be mixed with other NON-homeopathic injectable products.

5. All homeopathic products can provoke, regardless of the manner of application, what is known as a “curative crisis", that is to say, a momentary increase of the symptoms being treated. We should not allow ourselves to be put off by this, rather we should feel encouraged to keep up the treatment, given that it is telling us that we have chosen the right one. We tend to see this reaction quite often with LIPODISTROFIN. It manifests itself in the form of a flush at the extremities, or hypereactive vasodilation in the legs, on using the mesotherapeutic technique for an anti-cellulitic treatment.

6. The homeopathic mesotherapeutic results are not proportional to the dosage of the product used. In Homeopathic Mesotherapy, we must always tend to use the smallest dosage possible.

7. Injectable homeopathic medicines CANNOT be administered topically. There are homeopathic creams and ointments available for this manner of administration.

8. Injectable homeopathic medicines can be used at Acupuncture points. This is known as ENERGETIC MESOTHERAPY.

9. By its very definition, NO homeopathic medicine can have undesirable side effects, iatrogenic consequences, and allergic phenomena, or produce intolerance. The worst thing that a homeopathic medicine can do to us is to do nothing; but harm, NEVER.

10. There is no need to use any solvent or vehicle in which to dissolve our homeopathic products. Traditionally, in Allopathic Mesotherapy, Procaine is used. Nevertheless, as far as our products are concerned, and in truth as far as any injectable homeopathic is concerned, there is no need to use it.